EMERGENT: Drug Supply Disruption in Camden, Burlington, Ocean, Cape May, & Gloucester Counties

On Thursday, April 27, the U.S. Attorney’s Office District of New Jersey shut down a pain treatment practice in Cherry Hill that was serving 300-400 patients across Camden, Burlington, Ocean, Cape May, & Gloucester Counties.For anyone who uses secondhand prescription medicines in these counties (i.e., not directly from the pharmacy or a script in your … Read more

“Just Say No” to Fentanyl Penalty Upgrades

“Just Say No” to Fentanyl Penalty Upgrades Increasing fentanyl penalties will exacerbate the overdose crisis, do nothing to reduce the drug supply or demand, and deepen racial injustice fueled by the War on Drugs. It is time for New Jersey policymakers to “just say no” to the drug war and reject S-3096 and S-3325.New Jersey … Read more

Share Your Voice With the Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Thank you to ACLU-NJ for contributing much of the below. For examples of written testimony, please see NJPP’s testimony and NJHRC’s testimony. Please note that the below content is also available in a shareable googledoc.  Help Needed! Share your voice with the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC). The CRC is hosting three public meetings about how … Read more

Co-Prescribed Naloxone

Frequently Asked Questions About Co-Prescribed Naloxone Why am I being prescribed naloxone with my pain medication? In May 2020, the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General issued an administrative order requiring anyone who prescribes you an opioid medication for pain management equal to or greater than 90 morphine milligram equivalents (MME) to also prescribe … Read more