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Let's look out for one another

Making sure that naloxone is getting directly to people most likely to use it will take all of us. If you’re interested in any of the below opportunities, please contact our team at hello@njharmreduction.org.

Become A Community Naloxone Distributor

Community naloxone distributors are volunteers and community leaders who have naloxone on-hand for their social networks who are most likely to witness an overdose. That includes people who use drugs, people who recently stopped using drugs, people leaving incarceration or in-patient treatment, and people in recovery housing.
Are you someone trusted in your network or community to talk about and respond to overdoses? If you’re interested in becoming a source of readily, easily & freely available naloxone for your community, family, or social network, we need your help!

Host A Pop-Up Event

We increase community naloxone availability through “pop-up” events, where we partner with a local organization or community leader to set up a naloxone distribution station as part of an already existing community distribution, mutual aid, or outreach initiative.
As a statewide organization, we value local partnerships with people and organizations already deeply connected to their communities, and want to make sure that — for all who choose to do so — naloxone is available to integrate into existing community offerings.

Become An Organizational Partner

We partner with in-patient treatment programs, recovery housing, housing programs, and other organizations to provide enough naloxone for every participant to take-home.
While everyone who wants naloxone should be able to carry it, we prioritize organizational naloxone distribution as follows when our supplies are limited:
Naloxone that gets directly to people who use drugs (including people who use drugs who are leaving incarceration or treatment programs)

Naloxone that gets directly to families and loved ones of people who use drugs and people at increased risk of an opioid overdose

Naloxone for staff of social service programs and community services like libraries, schools, and public transportation

Due to the outsized funding for law enforcement relative to public health and harm reduction services, we do not provide naloxone to law enforcement agencies.

We encourage law enforcement agencies to prioritize law enforcement-specific funding for naloxone purchases, so that flexible funds are not siphoned from public health and community organizations.

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Harm reduction is essential. A harm reduction approach to drug use is the best strategy we have to end the overdose crisis, reduce risks associated with drug use, and affirm the dignity and bodily autonomy of every New Jerseyan.

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